Losing someone’s trust is much easier than gaining it. It’s too easy to just say “trust me”. Love is something that we give, but trust is something that we need to earn. Trust may disappear in an instant and it may take forever to regain. If someone has trusted us, we should treat the privilege like a rare coin. In a relationship, trust can be gained if we meet expectations of proper behaviours and we are willing to live within their specific rules.

We also need to demonstrate our efforts. This may not sound fair, but we should know that trust is reciprocal, so our partner who has trusted us will demonstrate the same thing. During the start of the relationship, we should know that everyone has expectations, although sometimes they can be unrealistic or even don’t make sense. However, we could expect that people will react in certain ways and manners. If they don’t get an unexpected result, it is quite unlikely that the person will trust us.

Someone’s expectations may not balanced, fair or even justified; but that’s the way things are. Everyone has their own sets of expectations. We should ask about the expectations of our partner and if we can’t meet them, it will be a significant struggle to gain their trust. Every relationship has definite rules and there are guidelines of interactions. Marriage may have stricter and more comprehensive rules; and if we break too many of them, our partner will no longer trust us.

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