Compared to others, some women are really good in building relationships than others. However, many women don’t have the natural gifts for picking potential partners for long term relationships. So, how do we do it?

We need to take any new relationship slowly. This should serve two distinct purposes: First, we will have more time to notice good and bad things; second, abusive men don’t want to spend too much time courting with their potential preys. They will start to lose interest. It is also important for women to make written records of all small incidents when the new partner behaves in ways that they don’t quite like or they find upsetting. The record will help them to see patterns. He may sulk for a number of hidden reasons that he can’t express.

We need to listen carefully to what he thinks about his previous relationships. If he says that all girls behaved poorly towards him, then it is possible that no matter what we do, he’ll say the same thing about us, one day. If he admits that he has disappointed them, he may end up disappointing us too. Before going deeper into a relationship, we should know what he thinks about other people. It is not a good thing if he expresses contempt or hostility for many people in his life. It is possible that he will express his contempt and hostility on us. We should notice how easily he is provoked and how angry he may get. If the person has anger problem, we won’t immune from the same emotion for too long.

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