A nice guy who has just been dumped is one of the most saddening things to see. This thing could hit him out of the blue. He has gotten into a comfortable routine and there is finally a certainty in his life. Then boom, she finally gives him the dreaded “it’s not you, ummm….it’s me” speech.

After being adrift in the midst of the flotsams of his happier memories with her, it is becoming clear to him that he needs to win his ex girlfriend back. Yes, it hurts; but it is a proof that he is still alive and the whole thing won’t kill him. Before doing this, he may need to be honest with himself. She got into a romantic relationship with him, because he had life. Because he wants to be caring and considerate, he may give up his life and things that made him interesting. He may no longer play a sport and he actually needs the exercise. He may no longer be creative by playing musical instrument and painting.

Before winning her back, he needs to get his life going, by making it more fulfilling and interesting. He needs to man up, grow a life and get past the pain. Even if he is no longer able to win her back, it would be much easier to get into the next relationship. If he does, it is necessary to put boundary on things. Like business contracts, relationships also need mutual benefits. It is important to go into the next relationship with our eyes open and we should have our goals stated clearly.

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