People value originality and this applies to relationship too. Be your real self. Be original. We find true love when someone loves us for what we are. If our partner loves us for what we pretend to be, the relationship is at a huge risk. We often try to impress someone by acting to be someone else. However, even if we manage to mislead the person, we will not be able to do it for long. So, it is important to always be ourselves.

It means that we shouldn’t put on what we are not. Suppose, we are an individual who is somewhat conservative in thoughts and we do things a little bit more carefully. We may meet a person who is freer and enjoy his/her life to the fullest. We may be able to attract the person by trying to be modern, but it isn’t going to last for long.

How long can we pretend to be someone we are not? We should avoid making our lives miserable by changing our real self, when we don’t really want to do that. Sooner or later, our partner will come to know about the truth. If we can’t change ourselves completely, we can’t pretend for long. Instead, try to find someone who admires us for what we actually are and we need to accentuate our real self confidently. The relationship will likely turn out to be very successful when we are honest about ourselves and we don’t try to hide things from our partner. A relationship must be based on honesty.

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