After years of marriage, we are consumed with thoughts related to work, daily chores, dinner, children and other family matters. Although we have performed well at work, we could actually fail at our relationship. We need to find out whether we are too busy for relationship. The high divorce rate in urban areas would suggest that it’s true.

Commitments require a great deal of directed energy, but we are often expected to get other things done in our lives. Many couples spend most of their days apart and it is difficult for them re-connect in the evening. Works have turned into our true commitment and our partners may no longer fit into the mix. A balanced lifestyle is to work all day and focus in our family in the evening. However, due to the highly stressful workplace conditions, some people are not willing to exchange their down time for re-connecting with their parents.

It is important for couples to go back to the start of their relationship and find ways to spend time together. Evenings and weekends should be thrilling and enticing, instead of dull and tedious. Each couple has different and unique way to re-connect physically and emotionally; or even seductively. Although we are incredibly busy, it is important to devote at least one hour in the evening to our partners; preferably four hours during a normal day. More intimate sessions can begin when children have gone to bed. Make the most of that valuable hour to effectively re-connect.

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