Many people decide that they can get involved in a relationship with no strings attached. They only want to have fun and just dating. They don’t have worries of what the future may hold. In this case, it is important to make sure that the person we are planning to have this relationship with, knows we are not looking for long-term commitment.

Some people actually only want to have a companion and have a good time. Some people will agree to this and the short-term relationship may actually work. First, we need to make sure to let our date knows up front and right from the start. We could begin by saying that we don’t expect to get commitment from our partner and we can’t promise to give ours.

Not everyone will agree to the idea of no strings attached. During a commitment-less relationship, people are actually more flexible in finding things that work best for them. They could date different individuals in a week, until they could find a better match. It is important to find someone we really like dating and we can set up a sensible schedule for seeing each other. However, feel free to cancel the relationship if we find someone we like better. We could actually continue to do this until we can find someone that we are really interested in greater detail. This is a good opportunity to know what we are looking for in a relationship. We will have fun while we are deciding the best time to settle down with a perfect partner.

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