It is widespread and natural phenomenon in many long-term relationships. In fact, many relationships undergo the cyclical ebb and flow. However, many of us tend to think that we are supposed to live happily ever after like in those fairy tales. In reality, there could be more than a few things that we don’t like about the person we are married to.

You might love someone, but there’s no guarantee that you will want him/her every day. There are three clear stages of relationships; in love, out of love and wanting out. When we feel that we are out of love, we shouldn’t be panic. It is quite normal. In this situation, we could still enjoy being friend with our partner. We could do things we did when we were still friend with our partner. Eventually, we need to remember when the spark first ignited our love. Try to replicate that, preferably quite spontaneously.

Unfortunately, many people feel that they want out of the relationship. This could be the most serious stage in the relationship. Before making a major decision, we should know what it would be like if we are single again. Many emotional people who decide to end their marriage too soon, may not be well prepared with the feelings and thoughts of being alone. Eventually, someone will say that he/she doesn’t feel like being married anymore. These are frightening words and it is important not to be emotional. The couple should handle this situation as the normal part of their married lives. It is better to understand what went wrong with the relationship.

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